Hip Balancing

Build core strength while stretching, ,strengthening, and balancing the hips. Here is a simple exercise that will help with Sciatica, SI pain, ITB tightness and, Low Back pain.

Hip Balancing Exercise

– Lie on your back

– Bring your right ankle to your left knee

– Make sure that your left hip and left knee are as close to a 45 degree angle as possible (lift the left foot up off the surface you are on so that your calf is parallel to the surface and your knee is at a 45 degree angle)

– USING THE MUSCLES IN YOUR HIPS, NOT YOUR HANDS, press the right knee towards your toes while pressing your left knee towards your head. (Both sides should feel like they are not moving. Don’t worry about maximizing the strength of the muscles, simply find a good balance and keep it there)

– Hold the position for as long as you can up to 2 minutes. (if you experience some discomfort, see if you can breathe through it, if you find it to be extremely painful, please discontinue the exercise)

– Upon holding your position for as long as you comfortably can for up to 2 minutes, swith sides and repeat

– One time daily on each side will help to balance the hips, however, if you are suffering from chronic pain, repeating the exercises on both sides up to 3 times daily will greatly increase the effectiveness of this exercise.

Try to breathe deep and remember to let your head rest. (I say this because I often see clients lifting their head off of the ground) Always remember to rest the parts of the body that are not needed when performing any type of stretch or strengthening exercise)


One Step Further

You may see even more improvement in your hips and low back by doing passive Hamstring and Quad stretches for up to 2 minutes on each side after Hip Balancing.

(Passive Hamstring (top) and Quad (bottom) stretches: Use your hands if you can manage the stretch without causing pain, otherwise, use a house coat belt or long sock for both stretches)

Take time to fine tune the corner stone of the body – Your Hips -